Rebrand & Reinvent Yourself

Learn my strategies for building an influential, impactful and eye-catching brand

Branding is a very delicate process and honestly a fun one.

My desired outcome for you is to walk away from this with the confidence to rebrand yourself in way that’s authentic to you, your passions, and your goals in a unique way that sets you apart from everyone else and gets you respected as an authority in your industry.

There are many different reasons why you might want to take this course. This course is for anyone who:

  • Wants to transition to a new niche
  • Wants to form a better, stronger relationship with their community or consumers
  • Has been impacted by the pandemic and wants to explore new options to adapt, pivot, and become unstuck
  • Perhaps doesn't even want to fully rebrand, but simply wants to expand and broaden their topics
  • Maybe doesn't want to rebrand at all, but wants to strengthen their existing brand

Whatever your reason for wanting to shift, if you know this is the path you want to go down and you want to do it in a way that successfully gets you recognized as the brand you want to be, then this course is for you.

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    Hey y'all hey, I'm Ashley Renne!

    I'm a former travel influencer who completely switched gears and reinvented myself into a sustainable and plant-based lifestyle expert. I pivoted my brand during the height of the travel influencer industry, and started transitioning to the brand I actually wanted: Green Living. This is a huge departure from the successful travel brand I spent years working on. I was afraid nobody would be interested and no brands would want to work with me. But my conviction made me forge ahead.

    To my surprise [and relief], it was my most successful year ever. The year I stopped being afraid to speak my truth and fully transition my brand to proudly reflect what I love is the same year I made 6 figures working with billion dollar brands who aligned with my message. I essentially found success by not following the crowd. It’s the year I proved that if you stay true to who you are and embrace your purpose, the stars will align and you will be unstoppable. And I’m sharing how I did it. detailed content here